Winnemac Park

The home of the Winnemac Electrons resounds with the echoes of past greats. Listen closely and you can hear the wind whisper the names.... Weissenberger..... Versiglio, to name just a few.

Winnemac Park is without a doubt, one of the most unique ballparks in the game today. From the rolling hills that make up the length of the 1st base line to the majestic cliff from which the pitcher's mound drops steeply to the ground below to the awe inspiring canyons that protrude from either side of home plate, Winnemac Park is a geological treasure trove of shape and sight. It has even been said that, on a clear day, you can see the top of the Sears Tower when standing on the ridge that runs along the edge of the infield.

Electrons owner Steve Albini, has long pressed the city to grant the park landmark status to ensure that its features will never be altered. While at this point, his one man crusade has been unsuccessful, he has pledged to contribute all of his financial resources toward this noble cause.